Love You 8-bit Heart Card


Hello crafters, Katie here. Today’s card is part of the international blog highlight for Stampin’ Up!® Demonstrators around the world, organised by awesome Aussie demo Kylie Bertucci. The theme for the blog highlight is ‘love‘ whether that be wedding, anniversary, baby, romance, friend/family etc.

One of the awesome things about this highlight is you can VOTE for your favourite five cards and the top five demonstrators whose cards had the most votes get to take part in an international blog hop with Kylie and other talented, successful demonstrators. How fun! I would love if you could to vote for my card, just click the heart ❤ in the top right hand side of the picture at Kylie’s blog, linked above 🙂

My card was made for my sister, who loves video games, and will soon be jetting off to the UK for a month-long holiday (and is adamant I won’t fit in her suitcase, boo!). In our family we have a little tradition, whenever someone goes on holiday overseas the night before they leave we hide a letter somewhere in their bag…usually in a shoe or toiletry case which won’t be opened/used until they arrive at their destination. The letter is like a little piece of home, where we let our family member know we love and miss them and hope they have a good time. Whenever that person is feeling a little homesick they can read the letter and know they’re loved.

Anyway, back to the card! This card was made with Sally and her upcoming trip in mind. Though the card is clean and simple (not my usual style), it did take a little while to put together as the heart is made up of individual squares of cardstock to represent pixels, in keeping with the gaming concept.image


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