Minecraft Exploding Box Card

Hello, this is Katie again. Today I want to share with you something a bit different – an exploding box “card” which I made for my younger sister’s 18th birthday earlier this month.

Minecraft Exploding Box Card by Katie LeggeThe card/box is Minecraft themed – my sister is addicted to this game! The design of the box was based on the ‘grass blocks’ which you use to build structures in the game. The box is a four inch cube and was made using a twelve inch piece of brown cardstock, scored and folded at four and eight inches on all sides. The squares at each of the corners were removed, creating the base of the box which was decorated using pictures from the internet to make it look like a grass block. To get a better idea of how the base of the box looks and is made, see the image below. The scissors indicate the areas to cut out and discard, and the dashed lines are score lines.

Minecraft Exploding Box Template by Katie Legge

This is the inside of the box. There is a LOT of work in this card – I literally stayed up all night and most of the next day to create this.  Everything is 3D. The little Minecraft man (Steve) with his teeny, tiny axe; the signpost which I typed ‘Happy Birthday Sally’ on (using Minecraft font); the large ’18’ blocks made to look like Steve just built them from stone; and the Creeper (the scary green thing) hiding behind the 18, ready to ambush Steve. This card was definitely a labour of love. A few times in the middle of the night I felt like giving up and going to bed. But I stuck to it and am glad I did because her reaction was priceless (definitely worth the sleepless night!). I have included links to the images upon which this card and the insides were based. I created the 3D numbers myself (took forever and was very difficult to work out from scratch – but they sure looked awesome!).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In addition to the exploding card box, I also created a chest (also from Minecraft) to hold her present (money). The chest was made into a money roll box. This idea behind this is you tape together a few notes to create one, long strip of money which is then rolled up and put in the box. The end is then fed through an opening in the top of the box which is what the recipient pulls to get the money. As shown in the picture below, there is a slit in the top of the chest which is where the money is dispensed. I would highly recommend cutting the slit prior to assembling the box (I speak from experience – don’t make the same mistake I did!). Also, make sure you slip the roll of money in the box before you seal up all the sides (you won’t be able to get the roll in otherwise!) and have a little bit poking out the top through the slit. When the note is pulled, the roll unravels, reveling more money. Such a cool way to present a gift.

Minecraft Chest Money Roll Box by Katie Legge

Alternatively, you could also use the number 1 to hold money. I rolled up an extra note and hid it in there (the picture which shows the inside the ‘1’ is in the slideshow).

Minecraft exploding box card and chest money roll box

I hope you like the exploding box card and chest money roll box. If you do, please let Mum and I know in the comments below or on Facebook. If you decide to make either of these, please share pictures of your creations – we would love to see them!

Thank you so much for visiting this blog, check back again soon for more crafty creations.
Bye for now,
Katie and Rachel xx


5 thoughts on “Minecraft Exploding Box Card

  1. Oh my Katie you are amazing and so Creative and very Inspiring. Well done, your sister is one lucky girl to receive a card made with so much love.

  2. Hi Katie,
    I love your Minecraft box for your sister….she is very lucky to receive it.
    Could you tell me how you made the 3D number? I’m wanting to make a number 7.
    Thank you in advance 🙂

    • Hi Karen,
      Thank you! I’m so happy you like my Minecraft Exploding Box Card 🙂
      I made the 3D numbers in Microsoft Word by arranging squares (the grey ‘stone’ pictures) and rectangle text boxes to create the net (2d template) of the 3D letter, then printed it out, cut it out and folded and adhered the numbers together to make them three dimensional.
      Hope that helps! Katie.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is amazing!!! I’ve searched ‘Minecraft cards’ to make something a bit different for my daughters 7th birthday on Tuesday, but nope, I can’t beat this – you’ve won the Internet! Amazing!

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